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Air To Breathe

You’re stoned again not trying to understand
Our worries ’bout your frustration
Good friends gone, you’re begging for someone
Who shares this fascination

Let us know, let us go, leave your past alone

All in all, we’re running out of reasons to care
Of what is taking your air
To breathe

More and more, we’re longing for the seasons we shared
But we’re getting prepared
To leave

What are you waiting for why don’t you pass the door
To get some new imagination
Your only truth is all these drugs you choose
Or are they just some other kind of inspiration?

Wake me up, what the fuck is going on?

(Lyrics: Schneiderhan / Music: Coleslaw)


You’re in somebody’s shadow
And crawl into your shell
No false modesty now
You stand here at eye level
You didn’t fill the headlines
But you deserve much more
This song is for you

You helped to smash walls
Without rising to fame
You are the one who crossed borders
No one knows your name
You are the one who set the boundary stone
Far over the edge
But you were not alone
Nevertheless you’ve got my respect
Cause you reached the same

Those who really kick ass
The ones who really rock
Those who break the line
Do not always stand on top
Footlights just don’t guarantee
That you’re extraordinary

Why don’t we see the facts?
Superficiality just ain’t right
To see the facts would mean
One giant leap for mankind

(Lyrics: Michelberger / Music: Coleslaw)

All Your Fault

Rage is what I feel when you
Try to tell me what to do
You know exactly when to stop
You don’t, that’s when I blow my top
Never enough, you cry for more (for more)
Just like a thousand times before

I’ll never say that I am wrong
Cause I see it’s all your fault
There is no reason to go insane
I hate control of my own ways
I’m still waiting for better days
Gazing at the sunshine through your rain

I’m sure you’ll always care for me
That’s fine, but baby can’t you see?
Your sea of solicitude is too deep (too deep)
Drowning your own life comes to grief

Sometimes I am mistaken, too
The one who starts to quarrel is you
Your pessimism pisses me off (me off)
Appreciating all your love

(Lyrics: Michelberger / Music: Coleslaw)


No more tears, but lyin’ here
And dreamin’ of the time when we were one
Can’t go back, lost respect
After all I know exactly what went wrong
Hand in hand straight to the end
Naive and too young

I have closed this chapter
I just wanna say
That I miss you, sometimes
Since you have left and gone away

Just like before you turned around and closed the door
But I failed in finding words to make you stay
Time went by, but how should I
Forget the pain thinking about this day?
When will we ever meet again?

I don’t mean to hurt you
I just wanna say
That I hate you, sometimes
Since you have thrown it all away

Whatever holds me captive
Whenever I’m sinking in a shade
Music helps me, sometimes
To brighten up and fly away

(Lyrics & Music: Michelberger, Schneiderhan)

Behind The Curtain

As he says, sweet princess
I have nothing to confess
Deep inside he’s about to break

How could I say it’s alright
That she passed away last night
In fact it’s more than I can take

All of us have something to hide
All of us, our lies go side by side
Everyone pretends there’s something else
All of us keep something behind the curtain
But it can still be right
If you’re honest with yourself

Heard her say, I feel betrayed
I hate every word you say
But her heart is full of love

Leaving track, won’t come back
His life is turning into black
As he looks to the stars above

Behind the curtain, on your own
And your heart feels like a stone
Listen to the truth deep inside
Keep staring at this fading light

(Lyrics: Michelberger / Music: Coleslaw)

Catalogue Love

This summer I’ve got a mission
A well-considered decision
The girl ‘round the corner is silly
Right in my pocket are millions

She’s got a pretty face and she’s 1.80 tall
She’s got beautiful hips bit her eyes are too small
Shall I write her a message or even call?
I do nothing at all

I once fell in love but in the end
It turned out to be a one-night stand, oh no!
My next love was pregnant but thinking twice
I am not willing to sacrifice myself

To the left
To the left again
Right to the left
Right, alright…

Perfect body and face, so I text her and call
But my future wife does not answer at all
As she quickly replies I am so glad… but hold on!
The name she uses is wrong

(Lyrics: Michelberger / Music: Coleslaw)

Cemetery’s Safety

Seems that I have finally arrived at the point of no return
Facing death, losing breath is what no one is able to learn
Don’t worry there’s no hurry for me
The time has come the chances have gone away

Back in time, what was wrong or right, have I done everything I could do?
In the end it’s not in our hands if the next one is me or you
It’s no question of reasons why I’m leaving
We’re all prisoners of fate

Take me
To my cemetery’s safety
There’s no more maybe
No more time to lose control
No more chance to be alone

There’s something growing inside of me
It weakens my mind

Where have all my sorrows gone? (sorrows fade away)
Where’s the pain I suffered from? (pain’s too weak to stay)
I’ve never felt this strong before (I’m stronger than before)
I’m living the dream I’ve been waiting for

Don’t take me
Away from my cemetery’s safety
There’s no more maybe
Everything’s under control
Now I feel like going home

(Lyrics: Schneiderhan / Music: Coleslaw)

Closer Tonight

Take my hand just to feel I’m near
Let me hear your voice before you disappear
I’m not the only one beside you
I’m not the only one around
I can do nothing more than help you
To heal your soul before it
Flies to the sky
I can’t change it but I try
This time it’s for a long time – goodbye

Come closer tonight
Before you go away tomorrow
If I only had a choice
If I could only follow

Someday they will be over
All these restless nights and days
Must be heaven for those who are taken
Must be hell for those who stay
And I wonder where you’ll go
How will it feel?
I believe you will keep smiling down at me

I promise I won’t forget times we had, things you said to me
Even if you’re too far away to hold you tight
I will never let you leave my mind…

(Lyrics: Schneiderhan / Music: Coleslaw)

Dark Hole

Sometimes life makes me fall
Lookin’ for some hold and see there’s none
Smiling faces of the world
Let me think that I’m the only one

Sometimes life seems just senseless
And makes me feel bad indeed
But I’m sure that someone else
Must know this distortion of reality

Won’t let this dark hole bring me down
Soon I’ll be so far from the ground

Know it sounds optimistic
To say that my unfounded fear
Is just imagination
It will simply disappear

Was really sure this time I’m stronger
Thought of superiority
But it’s kind of rude awakening
When you are bleeding me

(Lyrics: Michelberger / Music: Coleslaw)

Daydream Diary

Waking up this morning
Is like the days before
I’m drowning in the
Sunset’s burning lights
The nightmare’s going on
And I’m afraid of what
You’ve done to me
And what you’ll do today

I slit my arm
So I can compensate the anger
I throw up every meal
To forget the pain
The scars that will remain
Tell me more or less the same

I want to let you bleed
I can’t wait to make you creep
I just can’t wait to see you down on your knees

Hell you know, my friend
Is where all the liars end
Where the sinners meet
Where the killers will be sent
Lies and sins will be the reason
For your punishment
Killing you will be the cause for mine

I want to smash your head
To make you understand
I put my finger on the trigger
Just to let it end
You better hide in your room
The day will be coming soon

(Lyrics: Schneiderhan / Music: Coleslaw)

Dead Tomorrow

Every minute, every hour, all night and day
Caught in herself, it takes her breath away
Constant reserve as a heavy load
She doesn’t realize that life is an open road
Her weariness turns into despair
Sitting at home, she could be everywhere
Our days are numbered so please take care
Live your life now – because…

We might be dead tomorrow
But here and now we don’t pass the door
This night is full of sorrow
But here and now we drink one more

Every single tree, all the alley long
Stuck in himself while he bites his tongue
There’s a little flame, he blows it out again
He doesn’t understand that life has an open end
Down on his knees, silence fills the air
Standing alone, he could be here and there
Our days are numbered so be aware
Live your life now – because…

What about calling a friend instead of wasting time?
What about shaking hands all along the line?
Carpe diem and live your life now!

Let’s stay for one more hour
It will never be like that anymore
Tonight there’s no tomorrow
It will be okay to pass the door

(Lyrics: Michelberger / Music: Coleslaw)

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Helmut

Helmut ist alleine und aus freien Stücken Diplomingenieur
Läuft durch die Welt und baut Brücken
Über Flüsse oder Wälder, nicht zu anderen Studenten oder Menschen
Seine Eltern sind verzweifelt…
Seinen Haarwuchs lässt er lasern, er geht jeden Tag ins Fitness
Zu seiner Domina Fräulein Bolika
Und sagt: “Anna, gib mir eine Spritze!”
Denn Helmut ist ‘n cleverer Sportsmann

Dein Diplom war enorm für die Kleinstadt im Rheintal
Doch leider kam keiner aus dem Fitnessstudio zum Feiern
Du trankst deinen Six-Pack
All alone…
Und der Golf GTI, den der Helmut geleast hat
War das Werk seines Daddys am Fließband
Er liegt nachts wach wegen Petra aus der FH
Die zu fett für die Homies doch zu nett für ‘n Korb ist

I’m on a high…
I’m on a highway to Helmut
I make you cry…
I make you cry when I’m in hell mood

Helmut, jetzt mal ehrlich, was ist los mit dir?
Und deine Eltern Alkoholiker, dein Bruder kann nicht Auto fahren
Deinen Lehrern warst du voll egal und Petra hat die Cholera
Da bleibt für dich nur Anabolika, oh là là…
Pumpst dir in die Blutbahn deine flüssige Freizeitliebe
Für dich gibt’s vorm Schlafen keinen Sex, sondern Eiweißriegel
Du willst den Latino-Flavour, Helmut, wenn du das nicht siehst
Musst du wirklich blöd sein

Okay, ich geb zu, ja der Neid, der spielt mit
Denn wenn ich drücke, dann mich nur vor Pflichten
Du dagegen nimmst es mit den ganzen Jungs auf
Prost drauf, Helmut, du siehst echt schon gut aus
Ohne Frage und auch deine Oberarme haben was
Genauso wie die Sportlerwaden
Doch ganz ehrlich, was ist der Nutzen? Weißte was?
Bei aller Liebe, Junge: Anerkennung ist ne Hure!

Du hast dein Diplom aus Tirol
Eine Sprechrolle in Schwulenpornos ist dein Niveau
Und auch so, du bist ganz ‘n Netter und warst auch mal Tischler
Kein Wunder bei deinem Leben mit all den Brettern
Sag, sind deine Eltern Geschwister?
Haben die zwischen den Ohren Hepatitis oder Tripper?
Du hast zwar ne Impfung gegen Gelbsucht, doch das ist sinnlos
Gegen falsche Werte gibt’s keinen Impfstoff

(Rap Lyrics: Bohner, Maleitzke / Chorus Lyrics: Schneiderhan, Michelberger / Music: Coleslaw)


Here I am
In the end
Something really went wrong
Ran away
Pissed it off
Until madness came along

Separate me!
Penetrate me!
Take what you want from me!
Wake me up from life!

In my head
In my soul
Painful wounds are burning

On my knees
Creeping slowly
Death is overtakin’ me

I’m breathing in
I’m breathing out
For the last time
There is no doubt
I raise up my hands
Try to get high
You push me back
Just wanna die

(Lyrics: Schneiderhan / Music: Coleslaw)


On my knees again
No one can ever
Bring me back to the sun
Everything is grey
Not that I never see the light
There are just those moments
When it’s out of sight
Another wasted day

But I won’t be scared, I won’t complain
Cause I know that others feel the same
Thinkin’ positive I’ll see it through

One day
I’ll go my way
Come what may
Nothing is right but my mind’s words
Why shouldn’t I try to stay
While everyone goes away
When this brings me forward?

Did it wrong again, oh me!
Said ‘yes’ meant ‘no’
Just can’t be free
I ignore myself
Being ruled I’m quite a fake
Behave like people that I hate
Explain ten is less than twelve

A closer look and it isn’t hard to see
Differences show there’s individuality
And I think differently than most of you

I’ll go my way…

Thinkin’ of tomorrow, of yesterday
Present seconds seem so far away
I ask myself what for?
I try to be perfect – better no mistakes
Avoid rough seas – prefer silent lakes
And always long for more

My reason always tries to teach
Some things are simply out of reach
Many dreams never come true

Every single day
I’ll go my way
No matter what they say
Nothing is right but my mind’s words
Why shouldn’t I run away
While everyone is sure to stay
When this brings me forward?

(Lyrics: Michelberger / Music: Coleslaw)

Hell Breaks Loose

Don’t wanna wake up in slavery
No need to be part of that fake
I got a fiction of what they want me to be
It’s time to reestimate

When no hope’s around
When mankind falls
To this last days sound

Hell breaks loose
We fade away
The final truth
Is here to stay
Who’s gonna count the days
My friend?

As far as I know there’s no plan
To stop those who set the fire
Eyes up! Take me by the hand
Let us die for our desire

(Lyrics: Schneiderhan / Music: Coleslaw)

Here And Now

Like a train that is gone
Still darkens the sun
My former mistakes keep surrounding me
Instead of leaving them behind
I take the past as my bride
And I am dancing with what might have been

Like a train that is gone
(My past controls my mind – should leave it all behind)
Still darkens the sun
(I’m stuck in yesterday – can’t change it anyway)

Am I already dead?
Why can’t I live instead?
Why am I always betrayed by what is far behind?
Why can’t I draw the line?
And just feel fine?
When here and now everything is alright

Like a train that will come
Makes the gates come down
My unknown future stands in front of me
Fog is blinding my eyes
Feels like I’m paralyzed
I always deal with this uncertainty

Like a train that will come
(It’s such a waste of time – should leave it all behind)
Makes the gates come down
(Every step I’m on – could be my final one)

Why can’t I live for today?
Tomorrow’s so far away
Why am I always afraid of being pushed aside?
How can I think of next year?
Why am I filled with fear?
When here and now everything is alright

(Lyrics: Michelberger / Music: Coleslaw)

Illusions For Fate

Another killing night
One more stupid fight all alone
With these guns in their hands
They’re dying
And the mothers are cryin‘
All they get back is a flag
On a box full of faded dreams

Wait! Don’t trade your illusions for fate
Don’t let them erase you from the place you belong to

Heard the news today?
Ten others passed away when they
Tried to bring peace
They got shot for free
No remedy
No more wasted lives, no more sacrifice
No more faded dreams

Go out and celebrate
Don’t trade your illusions for fate
Live before it’s too late
Don’t trade your life for fate

(Lyrics: Schneiderhan / Music: Coleslaw)

Just Asking

I’m coming home and you’ve been waiting
Just to annoy me once again
More and more my love is fading
And you don’t want to be a part of me

Why can’t you tell me all the reasons?
Why am I cryin’ and why don’t you care?
Is this the way you show your feelings?
Are these the things I’ve got to bear?

As I can see how things are changing
My thoughts and moods are getting bad
All the things that were amazing
Have lost their sense and are disturbing me

Would it be easier to leave today?
Without a word I could just run away
One single step and our story ends
So why should I stay and wait for a
Non-existent chance?

I’m still waiting

(Lyrics: Schneiderhan / Music: Coleslaw)

Like A Rockstar

Thinkin’ back to the days
When I still was a kid
It was a short duration
Till I found my superhit

A tennis-racket
Was my guitar
As I jumped on the sofa…

Like a Rockstar

Music used to stay
An important thing for me
I got a real guitar
And I bought my first CD

I kept listening to The Offspring
“Man, how great they are!”
Screaming Dexter’s fuckin’ vocals…

And now I play in a band
I haven’t come very far
But I’m standing here…

(Lyrics: Michelberger / Music: Coleslaw)

Lost On The Way

We’re marching in step on this rocky road to nowhere
Nobody’s brave enough to look left or right
Back in the days we had a couple of chances
But somehow no one’s there to start this fight

I wonder why – everyone feels alright

When the voices appear in my head
I stop walking and I breathe in instead
But I move on before I go astray
I just don’t wanna get lost on the way

Have you already thought of tasting the water
What would it be like to sit down for a while
The trees, the grass, the sun and the smell of the flowers
Or how would it feel to speed up for a mile

That’s what I’m longin’ for – I can’t wait no more

One word might turn black to white
One simple thought might bring the light
One step aside to stay alive

(Lyrics: Schneiderhan / Music: Coleslaw)

Make It Last Forever

Second row, standing in the crowd
This band, this song, this perfect sound

My drowning soul pulls out of a dive

It’s alright, we’ve come to life

Beating heart in my chest, I wish more than ever

To catch this moment now or never

Make it last forever

Life at its best, I wish more than ever

To freeze this second now or never

Make it last forever

Coming home through the darkest night

Wish you were here to hold me tight

The room is dark but once in a while

I turn the light on and you smile

Moment keep it slow

So hard to let you go

Moment take my hand

And hold it till the end

(Lyrics: Michelberger / Music: Coleslaw)

Me Again

Fighting for some joy for my broken heart
And I’m dreaming of a chance for a second start
I only want you to stay

Would you raise a smile for me again?
Would you waste your time with me again?
Would you? Would you take me again, if time was ready for it?

Sadness, pain, the feelings that I had never expected
To catch me now at a time when I had accepted
What you wanted from me

Why do you keep hurting me more than anyone can get through?
You’re in my mind, you’re in my memories, I never would have left you
I miss you, but I hate you for leaving me

Would you ever lie to me again?
Would you burn my buried soul again?
I know, every queen needs a king, but I don’t wanna be yours!

(Lyrics: Schneiderhan / Music: Coleslaw)

Never Ending Chain

You say he’s really different
From the other ones before
And he ain’t gonna leave you
How can you be so sure?
Never back, not a single step
You got an overdose
Seventeen and pregnant
And still changin’ guys like clothes

Man, you’re really losing it
Just like your mother did
Bad examples turn out to be good ones, too
At least she showed you what you shouldn’t do

You say it really feels okay
To lose control all night
This pain you lug around like stones
You keep it all inside
A glass of wine, just one more time
Prevents feelings of shame
The girl that groans on top of you
You just don’t know her name

Man, you’re really losing it
Just like your father did
You follow in misleading footsteps on and on
At least he showed you how to do it wrong

Man, you’re really losing it
Just like your parents did
Bad examples turn out to be good ones, too
At least they showed you what you shouldn’t do

Lonely hearts can’t grow up well
A broken childhood turns to hell
It’s not hard to miss a chance you never had
Generations stay the same
It’s a never ending chain
Who to trust when there is just your mum and dad?

(Lyrics: Michelberger / Music: Coleslaw)

Part-Time RnR

On a roll, ten feet tall
When standing in the light, steadily fighting for
True passion needs no success, no special dress
If there’s just twenty of you we’re ready to rock that show

Anti-famous but we don’t long for more
Music is passion, fame is just a whore
From the bottom of our heart and soul
Playing part-time rock’n’roll… on and on

On the run, having fun
From pillar to post but happy in the end
Not a loss to tell my boss
I’m gonna quit my job cause I play in a rock’n’roll band

(Lyrics: Michelberger / Music: Coleslaw)

Pathetic Girl

Do you think that you are better?
Being famous for a while
You may earn a lot of money
But you surely got no style
Do you think that you are special?
Showing ass on MTV
You gotta do this for your image
And I write this song for me…

Restless I am longing for that melody
All these hours I’ve been waiting patiently
To find these words and make a rhyme
And my brain wave is coming right on time

Does it really satisfy you?
Playing the fool for the crowd
In point of fact you are a puppet
Dancing to the playback sound
Is it really what you wanted?
Is it really what you are?
Others tell you how to look like
Must be great to be a star…

Restless I am longing for that melody
All these hours I’ve been waiting patiently
To stand on stage and make it mine
Pathetic girl, I leave you far behind

(Lyrics: Michelberger / Music: Coleslaw)

Saving My Anger

God, I am wasting another day of my life
All I am tasting is bitter as time goes by
Awakened, forsaken – but nothing to speak of
Broken, unspoken – it ain’t worth the face-off

I will stand above it all
I’ll save my anger and keep it for myself
I will rise, I will not fall
I’ll save my anger and keep it for myself

Ain’t worth my attention, ain’t playing a key role
Why am I spending my hate on you, asshole?
Fading, frustrating – but nothing to speak of
Faking, heartbreaking – it ain’t worth the face-off

I won’t let you bring me down
I will smile when you’re around
Will I ever burn my hand?
Or hold it back and save my anger?
I will keep it for myself

(Lyrics: Michelberger / Music: Coleslaw)

Second Hand Smokers

He’s sick of suffering from all the shit he’s steppin’ in discovering
Not what he wanted, no, not what he needed
He has never been so far away from what he always used to say anyway
That’s what he hated, yeah, what they appreciated
Tryin’ to get out, screaming out loud, thinking about what he’s done before
Never again, not in his hands, hard to pretend
Simplify the escape from pain

Like everyone who fails she’s creeping in disgrace hiding her face
She’s not to blame, she’s gone insane
All these memories have turned into enemies breaking her knees
That pushes her down, down to the ground

Tryin’ to get out, screaming out loud, thinking about what she said before
Never again, not in her hands, hard to pretend
She sacrificed her life in vain

When all hope has gone from those who’re fallen
Will you wait and help them up again?
When all hope has gone from those who’re fallen
Will you stay and help them understand?

(Lyrics: Schneiderhan / Music: Coleslaw)

Show For Me

I really thought I was crazy
I couldn’t find a reason why
This unimportant action
Is drivin’ me so high
Thanks to one special person
Helped me through all of this
Even tried to share my feelings
Did things I always missed

Show for me
(One more)

Got one when you were talking
Just guessed one by myself
One more that I saw
When you went somewhere else
Keeping all the details
If it was grass or snow
What a great experience
Thank you for your show

It is so hard to pretend
That your show doesn’t touch me at all
I’m sure you won’t understand
Explaining this would be stupid

Hey you, hearing my song
You may be wondering what this is all about
Hey you, don’t get me wrong
You won’t understand me

(Lyrics: Michelberger / Music: Coleslaw)

Soul On Ice

Say what you wanna say
Pray to whom you wanna pray
If someone is different why do you have to care?
Live and let live but you’re placing your god everywhere

No tomorrow, on the run
Your frozen heart just comes undone

Someone put your soul on ice
On your way to paradise
You think you’re doing well
In fact your life is breaking
Accelerating, overtaking
On the long road down to hell

Smile and kiss your friends goodbye
They don’t wanna see you die
Exactly like those to be killed you’re still innocent
Live and let live, still it’s in your own hands

They are here and you are there
Suddenly you’re everywhere

Ain’t you doing well?
Long road down to hell
Ain’t your soul to sell?
You’re on the long road down to hell

(Lyrics: Michelberger / Music: Coleslaw)

The Thing About You

No excuse for things you do and what you say ’bout me
What are your reasons, boy? Is it hate? I can’t believe!
I feel you smile at me playin’ dirty games same time
I can’t take this anymore, though I’ve always been tryin’

I know deep inside
There’s something in your mind
You can’t destroy by words you say
Soon it will be clear
You are just in fear
Of losing time to find your way

You pretend to be another person than you are
I tell you it’s a shame that you have gone so far
I hope the day will come that shows you what I mean
Depressed and blamed for all, I see you in my dream

(Lyrics: Schneiderhan / Music: Coleslaw)

This Misery

All the times I’m searching for the words to say
All the nights that I’m lyin’ awake in my bed and pray
No one who cares no one who’s there to help me out again
Part of me tries but part of me never will understand
Seems like I am the only one

No! I don’t know what’s going on with me!
Who should I blame for this misery?

I never knew – could it be true that I should live like this?
Following you just to get through might be wrong
Trapped in these fears hiding the tears that I could cry
Nothing’s all right, I’m not able to fight, but tell me why
Seems like I am really the only one

I am forsaken, I am mistaken
And I’m breakin’ all the rules
If I am sleeping, where’s the awakening?
I’ve got nothing left to lose

(Lyrics: Schneiderhan / Music: Coleslaw)

Thoughts Of An Idiot

I’m at the end
Life is unfair
People do so wrong
Here and everywhere

The system has failed
Politicians are strange
No matter what we do
They’ll never change

Never change

Searching for help
They come from far away
After getting our cash
They decide to stay

I’ve got no problem with ‘em
But one thing has to stop:
They are scaring our kids
And they have taken my job

Taken my job

(Lyrics: Michelberger / Music: Coleslaw)

To The Bone

Broken tyre, broken home
No one’s left to lean on
Sick and tired to the bone
But you’re safe and warm

Left alone in the streets
Evil smiles and laughter
Searching for someone
Who feeds the devil in you

Been around for some time
But it ain’t getting better
In the end you’ll be fine
When you’re moving on

Cut the rope, end those lies
Make them feel you’re changing
Leave the line and be sure
You’re not heading back

You are taking away
Got nothing to say to me
Got your head in the noose
On the edge of the roof

Lay down you’re still breathing
Stay calm your heart’s still beating
Break down the walls and keep it right

Is it all we know?
How can we separate?
Nowhere else to go?
Is it not too late?

(Lyrics: Schneiderhan / Music: Coleslaw)

Your Serenity

Your serenity
Would you mind to leave?
Pardon me
But I really hate to see

That again on a cloudy day
You drive the crowd insane
By telling stories about the sun

Stories about the sun
That’s forever gone…

This is the glory day for revolution
This is the only way to tell the truth
This is the final fight we will not lose and
This is your last goodbye

We’re about to learn
The memories return
It seems to be
Easier to see

That you preach about the worth of life
While our families die
Under your hand

Under your hand
Your bloody hand

Now that you’ve been leaving
It’s better than before
History’s proceeding, no crying anymore
Another generation, another desperate time
We found somebody to believe in, the situation’s fine
But suddenly on a cloudy day
He drives the crowd insane…

(Lyrics: Schneiderhan / Music: Coleslaw)